MAKE-UP: sephora & beautik

domingo, mayo 20, 2012

 Hola!! Hace 2 semanas hice estas compras, por fin os las enseño, os doy mi opinión y os comento que opinión tengo de comprar en una tienda Beautik, todo ello en el vídeo.

Hi!!! The other day I went to "Beautik" I shop there online, and wanted to try the new store in Seville. The truth is it was very small, and things were worth more expensive.
This is whats I bought:

UBU brushes : very cheap but not very googd queality. 

SEPHORA sponges : 2x1 
SEPHORA  Waterproof eyes removed : Love!! is something I need to take is the best I've tasted.

NYX individual lashes : They're natural. perfect for morning and evening.
NYX felt tip liner, ultra black: for trash, the worst I've bought. not paint over eyes shadows.
NYX gloss : tasted like strawberry gum.

CATRICE multi colour compact powder
CATRICE evolution to revolution black volume mascara : look 1 for natural volume, look 2 for dramatic volume but eyelashes are caked.

SINFUL COLORS: nail polish very liquid, perfect pink.
ESSENCE: perfect apple color for toe nail polish
ESSENCE: nail polish, don't like brick color.

ESSENCE purifying nose strips: Ilike it (3 for pack)
ESSENCE anti spot patches : and tested yet not.


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